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The Comparison of Materials of Several Frames

Views: 179     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-22      Origin: Site

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The frame is the soul of a city bicycle. A good bicycle frame must accord with three conditions of light weight, sufficient strength and high rigidity. As the bicycle sport, the lighter the weight of bike frame is, the better it is. Of course, people can ride faster with the less effort. What is sufficient strength? It means that the bicycle frame will not be broken or bent under high-strength riding. Then what is high rigidity? It means that the frame is hard enough. Sometimes a frame with poor rigidity may not have safety problems temporarily, but the power transmission of the frame is poor when riding. Even if the frame is enough light and strong, it is still a substandard bike for sports due to poor rigidity. On the market, the frame materials usually are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and alloy steel. Here we will introduce the bike frame material one by one.

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1. Alloy steel material.


Steel is the most traditional frame material for bicycles. A variety of modern alloy steels can achieve good results in terms of rigidity, elasticity, transmission and stability. The only weak point is that the weight of steel is a defect, which is heavier than other materials. Generally speaking, alloy steel materials are cheaper. However, the price of a good steel frame made of steel and molybdenum steel is not cheap.


2. Aluminum alloy material.


Aluminum alloy is light in weight, and highly rigid, but it also conveys every bit of vibration response on the ground at the same time. So its comfort property is slightly weak. But it is relatively cheap and there are many styles of frame for choice. So it is a bike frame type that is worth buying by everyone.


3. Carbon fiber material.


The characteristics of carbon fiber are elasticity, stable riding, long-distance cruising, and high comfort. The disadvantage is that the price is very high, and the average service life which is calculated from the factory is only 5 or 6 years. Even if there is no bump in the frame within 6 years, its chemical formula has been decomposed, and it is not recommended for riders to continue using it. 


4. Titanium alloy material.


The characteristics of titanium alloy are very similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It has elasticity that is similar to carbon fiber and it has the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy. Its special point is to make it impossible to paint on the metal surface due to the jumping of the expansion coefficient. Fortunately, the titanium alloy is not easy to be corroded and oxidized, and its color is unique as well. But its price is also unmatched. So the price of bike with this material will be expensive.


Here remind riders that each of the above materials has high and low grades. The characteristics described here are all targeted at high-end products. And the above advantages and disadvantages can be said to be non-existent in low-end products. In addition, although some products are expensive, there may also have poor riding feeling due to poor processing for materials. In short, any materials cannot be generalized.


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