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The Differences Between Electric Bicycles And Ordinary Bicycles

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Specifically, an electric bicycle is a special bicycle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source, has two wheels, and can realize human riding, electric or electric assist functions. The model of electric bicycle is named TD (electric bicycle of special bicycle type). Although it has the appearance characteristics of ordinary bicycles (even the appearance characteristics of motorcycles). But the main thing is that it is a mechatronics personal vehicle equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar and other operating components and a display instrument system on the basis of an ordinary bicycle.

7-1-urban rider electric bikes


The most important accessory of an electric bicycle is the motor. The motor of an electric bicycle basically determines the performance and grade of the car. Most of the motors used in electric bicycles are high-efficiency rare earth permanent magnet motors. Among them, it is mainly divided into three types: high-speed brushed gear + wheel geared motors, low-speed brushed motors and low-speed brushless motors.


The motor is a component that converts battery electrical energy into mechanical energy and drives the electric wheels to rotate. There are many types of motors used in electric vehicles in terms of their mechanical structure, speed range and energization form. The common ones are mainly brushed geared hub motors, brushed gearless hub motors, brushless gearless hub motors, brushless geared hub motors, high disk motors, side mounted motors, etc.


Lamps and meters are a combination of components that provide lighting and display the status of electric vehicles. The instrument generally provides battery voltage display, vehicle speed display, riding status display, lamp status display, etc. The intelligent instrument can also display the breakdown of various electrical components of the vehicle.


Most electric bicycles, including children electric bike, electric mountain bike and folding electric bike, use hub motors to directly drive the front or rear wheels to rotate. These in-wheel motors are matched with wheels of different wheel diameters according to different output speeds to drive the entire vehicle at a speed of up to 20km/h. Although the shapes of these electric vehicles and the installation positions of the batteries are not the same, their driving and control principles have similarities. This type of electric bicycle is the mainstream of electric vehicle products.


Precautions for Electric Bicycles


Check the battery level. The tire of an electric bicycle does not need to be fully charged, but it should be suitable for your riding time. The charging time of 3 wheel electric bike and 4 wheel electric bike is not the same.


Check the tires. Over time, the inner tube is permeable. Inflating the tires within the area printed on the sidewalls will help prevent air leakage and damage to the rim. The workload of gas station pumps is much greater. This pump is not suitable for ordinary bicycle tires but is suitable for 2000w electric bike and 3000w electric bike.


Grab the two brakes and make sure they are at a certain distance from the wheels. The brake pads will wear out over time.


For long journeys, you might consider bringing more equipment. These items are stored in the seat bag of electric mountain bicycles.


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