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The Drifting Skills of Mountain bike

Views: 171     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-14      Origin: Site

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What is drifting skills of the mountain bike? In the simple terms, it is tail flicking. It means that high speed cornering in racing technology. It is one of the cornering skills commonly used in mountain bike competitions. In this article, we will introduce some guides of drifting skills for mountain bike as following.


Required equipments


1. Helmet (preferably a full-cover helmet)

2. Knee pads (the body of bike is lower when tail flicking and cornering at a high speed, so it is easy to rub the knees)

3. Gloves (leather or cotton as long as it can protect your hands)

4. Tires (according to habits, usually smooth tires is used for performances because it looks beautiful and gaudy in the performances, and it is mostly used on flat ground. But the competition is different. Do use wide tires in competition! Because using more flicks to help corners in the competition. The rider must use the wide tires which has good grasping properties with good ground. If using thin and smooth tires, they are prone to drift over during drifting.)

5. Soft-soled shoes with hard surface (the sole should be thick and soft, since sometimes the rider need use the inner foot to kick the ground when cornering.)


The drifting skills of mountain bike in the place where it is.


1. Accelerate the electric mountain bicycle to more than 23KM/H. (How much speed needs to be accelerated, which is up to you as long as you can hold it.)

2. Change a lighter or heavier gear according to the road conditions. The key is that the wheels can continue to rotate when the tail is flicking and cornering.

3. Enter the bend.

4. Lean forward and hit the brakes, and then the brakes will drift.

5. Pull back the tilted bike body after the drift is complete.

Note: Control the bicycle drift through the inclination of the center of gravity and the pedaling speed.

77-frame material for bicycles


Flicking and cornering skills of e mountain bike


1. Accelerate the vehicle to more than 23KM/H. (How much speed needs to be accelerated, it is up to you as long as you can hold it.)

2. Change a lighter or heavier gear, which depends on the road conditions. The point is that the wheels should continue to rotate when the tail is flicking and turning.

3. Enter the bend.

4. Lean forward and hit the counter-handle, pinch the rear brakes of bike for 2 seconds tightly, then pinch it slightly, because you have to push the wheels to continue turning.

5. Petal the bike suddenly to make the rear wheel rotate. (Although the bike is tilted, the center of gravity of the bike is upright.)

6. Adjust the center of gravity of bike to make it straight (keep the pedaling state)

7. Enter the straight road and finish.

Note: Control the vehicle drift by adjusting the inclination of the center of gravity and the pedaling speed.


Comparing the above skills, it is found that there are some similarities. So the riders only need practice more times, and you can master drifting skills of mountain bike.

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