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The First Choice for Adult Gifts in 2020 | A More Cost-effective Electric Bicycle

Views: 94     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-26      Origin: Site

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In a fast-paced lifestyle, we have to travel to various places every day, a suitable means of transportation is essential. In addition to cars on the street, the most common means of transportation is electric bicycles. Small electric bicycles traveled freely on the road, moving very quickly.


The common types of electric bicycles are electric mountain bicycles, electric cruiser bike, electric city bike and electric folding bike.


There are so many styles of electric bicycles, and it is quite good to choose a suitable pedal assist mountain bike as a gift for an 18-year-old adult or a child of a friend.

35-2-electric street bike


How to Choose A More Cost-effective Electric Bicycle?


Products produced by enterprises with production licenses should be selected, with due consideration of brand awareness. Sellers with good reputation and guaranteed after-sales service should be selected. A smart ebike is a bicycle with some motor vehicle attributes. The battery, charger, electric motor, controller, and braking system are the core components of an electric vehicle. The technical content of these components determines the performance. The key to determining the quality of electric bicycles is the quality of the motor and battery. High-quality motors have low loss, high efficiency, and long driving range, which are good for batteries. As for the battery, it is almost a decisive factor for the quality of an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles sold on the market basically use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, which have the characteristics of low price, excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, and convenient use. The service life is basically 1 to 2 years.


Since electric bicycles use batteries in series, the battery must be strictly selected to ensure the consistency of each battery to ensure the performance of the entire battery pack. Otherwise, the battery with the lower performance in the battery pack will be exhausted quickly


At present, specialized e mountain bikes are roughly divided into three types: standard, multi-function and luxury, which can be selected according to actual needs and economic conditions. Affected by battery technology, currently, electric bicycles have a maximum driving range, which is generally 30-50 kilometers. The motor power of standard electric bicycles is generally 150W, which is characterized by simple and smooth shape, continuous mileage of 40km~50km, simple operation and moderate price. Luxury electric bicycles are characterized by a more novel and luxurious appearance and more complete functions. An instrument panel is usually added to the handlebars to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with turn signals and language prompts.


If you choose e mountain bike, it is best to choose electric pedal assist mountain bike, electric downhill bike and folding electric mountain bike.


Brand is a sign of quality. Different brands have varying levels of quality. Consumers must choose a brand that has been tested by an authoritative department and proved to be reliable in quality, low in repair rates, good after-sales service, and high in reputation.


Your child can travel with friends on e mountain bike, which can exercise and lose weight.

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