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The Future Development of Electric Bicycles

Views: 99     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-06      Origin: Site

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Electric bikes are an important means of transportation for the people in daily short-distance travel, and they are also the main means of transportation in the express and takeaway industries. At present, there are about 250 million electric road bikes, and the use of electric bicycles is becoming more and more popular. Under the new national standard, the future development trend of urban electric bike industry enterprises is as followed.




As the people's demand for a better life becomes more and more urgent, electric bicycle manufacturers must produce products that users like. Electric street bike with smart functions can bring users a good sense of consumption experience and satisfy consumers' individualized consumption demands.


The product development and innovation of electric city bikes should be consumer-centric, with the goal of improving user experience, and constantly developing intelligent products to meet the high-end market demand. In the next step, the industry should promote product intelligence. Taking advantage of the big data technology and the Internet of Things technology, product quality, user behavior analysis, quality management, public opinion analysis and after-sales service analysis will gradually appear in lightweight electric bike products and services. At the same time, electric bicycle companies should accelerate the construction of smart workshops and improve production efficiency and the reliability and consistency of product quality.



Attract Users with Industrial Design

For a long time in the past, industrial design has not received enough attention from the compact electric bike industry. However, with the upgrading of the consumption structure and the advent of the experience economy era, industrial design has glowed with unprecedented charm, which plays an important role in the future development of the electric bicycle industry. By integrating new technologies, new processes, and new materials, and using systematic methods and means, the products have more optimized performance and a more beautiful appearance.


Advanced industrial design can greatly optimize the product quality, technical content, industrial structure and added value of cool electric bikes. This added value does not exist in tangible substances, but is more intangible, including appearance and product image. Good industrial design can greatly enhance the added value of products and make products stand out.


More and more companies realize that if they want to make a good product, they must do a good job in industrial design. People's pursuit of a better life concept and lifestyle requires that products not only stay on the existing technology, but should be studied in combination with people's existing lifestyle, life philosophy, and potential demand trends.

44-3-all terrain electric bikes



Strengthen Product Quality Management

The mainstream period for the affordable electric bike industry to open up the market with low-end and price wars is over. The future competition is the competition of product quality. In recent years, people's living conditions have become better and better. In daily consumption, price is no longer the main determinant. More people are beginning to pay attention to quality. The middle class, which is the main consumer, is more inclined to pay for product quality. Electric commuter bike companies should put product quality at the core of corporate development, continue to promote the standardization of manufacturing, and focus on site management. Through strengthening process control, carrying out special actions for quality improvement, and strengthening team quality construction, the implementation of visualization, standardized quality management, thereby strengthen quality management. By improving technological innovation capabilities, companies should regard quality as the lifeline of their products and conduct full life cycle management of products.



Electric cross bike companies should keep abreast of market development trends, continuously adjust, upgrade and innovate in accordance with market changes. And they should also continue to take scientific research and innovation as the first driving force for corporate transformation and upgrade, optimize production technology and improve product quality, so as to provide customers with better services for green and convenient travel.

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