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The Importance of Bicycle Helmets

Views: 171     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-26      Origin: Site

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As everyone knows that the function of bicycle helmets is to protect the lives of cyclists. According to the report of the American Highway Safety Insurance Research, in 1999, 98% of the dead from cycling in the United States did not wear the helmets of bicycles. And those wearing helmets of bike in crash accidents reduced their risk of serious head injuries by 85%. With the increase of hard asphalt and stone roads, the number of head injuries has also increased when riding. Helmets are essential equipment for cyclists because they can protect the fragile head. 


Generally people who have never had an accident will not appreciate the importance of good equipment. Many people have a feeling of inferiority and they think that good equipment is just pretending to be forced. In fact, it does not like they thought. Of course, we hope that the stronger the protection equipment is, the better it is. After all, the life is only once. Suppose that you save money on equipments, which means you will spend more money in the hospital when meeting a crash. And the slightest fracture operation costs nearly 10,000 Yuan now. This kind of saving is really not worth. Then how to choose adults bicycle helmet? Let's take a look at the below characteristics of helmets.


71-3-electric assist mountain bike

Texture】——Good density


Professional bicycle Helmets are generally made of foamed materials, which include ordinary or high-density, the difference between the two is their anti-collision effect. And it has a smooth shell surface.




We know that the thing that presses on the head can't be too heavy, which is why the riding helmet of bike does not use alloy materials. Most of the helmets weigh between 9-16 ounces, and even they are lighter. Here its unit is in pounds. Please note that most cheap helmets of bike usually are heavy.


Inner Lining】——Washable


Generally speaking, bicycle helmet’s inner lining such as washable corduroy fabric or anti-microbial padding can keep your helmet clean and fresh when wearing. The well-made helmet has a large inner lining coverage, and it has better texture. Usually it has stronger adhesion to the inside of the helmet. The velcro behind the inner lining can facilitate the cleaning of the inner lining. You just put it in the water and soak it in a laundry detergent for a few minutes, and rub it with your hands, then rinse it with clean water and dry it. 


Wearing comfort——can adjust the head circumference


Cheap bike helmets are generally uncomfortable. It is necessary to let the helmet match your head. The helmets of the bicycle shop are available in small, medium, large and extended sizes. And cheap helmets may only have one size which can fit all. You must know that wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck, and the protection effect can maximize in the event of an impact.


All in all, you had better to purchase the helmet according to your needs when choosing it. But pay attention to the priority of the choice that is comfort is first.


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