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The Regulations and Standards of Electronic Bicycles

Views: 114     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-31      Origin: Site

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As everyone knows that the electric bicycles have quickly become popular all over the world for its lightness, economy and environmental protection. In the international market, Sales of electric bicycles are increasing day by day, and the prospects of industry are optimistic. However, the standards and regulations of various countries and regions are not the same, which has a certain impact on the export of enterprises. Due to this reason, we sorted out the regulations and standards of city electric bicycles in some countries and regions, and introduce for everyone in order to help the development of the export trade of the company.


1. EU Electric Power Bicycle Machinery Directive Certification


The Machinery Directive was implemented in 2009. The directive applies to institutions, mobile machinery, mechanical devices, machines used to lift and transport people, and safety accessories. It is a mandatory certification for the EU market. Products complying with this directive must be marked with the CE mark, no matter whether they are produced by EU internal enterprises or imported from other countries. As long as they are sold on the EU market, it means that the product has met the basic requirements of the EU's "New Methods for Technical Coordination and Standardization" Claim.


The electric-assisted bicycle standard EN 15194:2017 became a harmonized standard under the Machinery Directive on March, 2019. This has become a mandatory requirement. Urban electric bicycles sold to the European market must meet the requirements of EN 15194:2017. And the bicycle must also have the CE mark.


 EPAC electric bicycle requirements


The rated voltage of city electric bike does not exceed 48V, the maximum power-off speed does not exceed 25km/h, the maximum continuous power does not exceed 250W, and the maximum saddle height is at least 635mm, which is suitable for private or commercial use except for the electric assisted bicycles that can be rented.


Vehicle requirements


MD Machinery Directive, EN12100 Risk Analysis, WEEE Waste Electronic and Electrical Products Recycling Directive, RoHS Electronic and Electrical Hazardous Substances Directive, EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility, REACH Chemical Regulations.


Accessories requirements


Battery: EN 13849-1:2015 functional safety certification, EN 62133:2017 test report, UN38.3 international transportation requirements

Charger: EMC (EN 55014-1:2017, EN 55014-2:2015, EN IEC 61000-3-2:2019 or EN 61000-3-2:2014, EN 61000-3-3:2013 + A1:2019 Or EN 61000-3-3:2013), LVD report(EN60335-2-29:2004+A2 or EN 60335-2-29:2004/A11:2018).

Controller: EN 13849-1:2015 functional safety certification.

Car lights: ISO 6742-1:2015

Reflective sheet: ISO 6742-2:2015



2. U.S. Electric Bicycle Regulations


EPAC electric bicycle requirements


The power does not exceed 750W, and the speed does not exceed 32km/h (20mph) under a 77kg (170 lb) rider.


 Vehicle requirements


16 CFR PART 1512, UL 2849+ED1:2019 (not mandatory, Amazon platform and offline supermarkets require testing reports).


Accessories requirements


Reflective film: meet the requirements of 16 CFR PART 1512.16(g) requirements for reflectors per 1512.18(n)(1)&(2).


Above are the regulations and standards of electronic bike of city in European Union and America. Comparing of both, the regulations and standards of European Union are stricter than that of America, so there are more requirements. If the enterprises want to export goods to European Union, the products must accord with these regulations and standards.


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