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The Riding Misunderstandings of Novice Riders

Views: 155     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-18      Origin: Site

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We often hear all kinds of talks from the riders, such as whether sweats can lose fat? Are disc brakes of bicycle better than V brakes of bicycle? Whether the riders need to wear riding pants? Today, we will briefly explain the common misunderstandings of novice riders from the equipments. Hope that it will be helpful for the novice riders.


57-riding city bicycle

1. Is it safe to wear a helmet when riding?


As everyone knows that riding is always full of many unknown accidents, and crashes are inevitable when riding e mountain bicycle. The helmet can reduce the shock generated by the impacts. And it can reduce the chance of head injury. If you wear a helmet of bicycle, you can protect your head when crashing. But you must know that unqualified helmets that are broken, scratched, or bumped not only cannot protect your head, but also can cause your head injury.


2. When wearing cycling pants, should I still wear underwear?


The cycling pants are designed to stick to the skin, which can absorb sweat and let the wind dry it quickly. If you wear more underwear inside, the sweat-wicking effect will not only become worse, but also it will increase the friction area of the clothes. For the thin skin of novices, it is a disaster. So don’t wear underwear under cycling pants when riding electric mountain bicycle! 


3. Isn't it uncomfortable to wear such tight cycling clothes?


In fact, tights can not only reduce wind resistance, but also can protect muscles to a certain extent from injury during exercise. So the professional riders must wear tights when riding the e mountain bike.


4. Ignore the importance of cycling glasses.


Cycling glasses of bicycle sometimes are the equipment which the riders are easily to be ignored. We know that the riders always stay outside for a long time when riding. The first damage is from ultraviolet rays. As everyone knows that unprotected eyes are prone to keratitis. In addition, the sun’s rays cause a burning feeling in the eyes, and it will cause dryness of eyes and eye fatigue. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can cause lens opacity and even blindness. So it is important to wear professional glasses to protect eyes when riding outside.


5. The more your equipments are, the more professional you are?


When you get the profession mountain bike, you must consider purchasing equipments. The basic equipment of bike must be purchased, such as helmets, water bottles, water bottle cages, gloves, front and rear lights and so on. But don think that the more your equipments are, the more professional you are. It can be said that the more dazzling and cool you are, the more fashionable you will be. So you need to buy your equipments according to your actual needs. The point is practicality.


Of course, it does not mean that the more expensive the equipment of mountain bike is, the better it is. Before purchasing, you should first go online to know about the relative brand, style and read related evaluation articles, then choose the most effective equipments that suit you.


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