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The Timing and Skills of Bicycle Rocking

Views: 159     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-06      Origin: Site

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City electric bicycle is a useful tool for people to go out. For the lover of electric mountain bicycle, it is not only the common transportation tool, but also is the good partner in daily life. As a good rider, mastering some knowledge and skills of bicycles is important. In this article, we will tell about some knowledge about the timing and skills of bicycle rocking.

75-electric mountain bicycle 

1. The timings of rocking bicycle.


First of all, we will tell the timings of rocking bicycle. We know that usually rocking bicycle needs the timing, because it does not show it to others, and it is a kind of practical skill. The following timings are suitable for rocking e bicycle.


Start: When starting, the rider needs strong pedaling force to let the bike start quickly.

Uphill: It includes short uphill sprint and long uphill.

The bottom needs to rest: After sitting for a long time, the rider need stand up and move his muscles and bones at the appropriate time.

Bent uphill: At this time, the speed may slow down, if you are sitting to step on, the efficiency is not high and the gear ratio needs to be reduced in slower speed.


Next, we will tell you that the following timings are not suitable for rocking mountain e bicycle.


Sand and gravel road: Generally the bicycle’s center of gravity is not well controlled and it is easy to fall when rocking mountain bicycle on sand and gravel road.

There are other riders within half a meter: In this situation, a light collision of the bike may cause a fall. And you should not pass him at a close range when other riders are rocking the bike.


2. The skills of bike rocking


What is the best posture of rocking mountain bike? That is the bike is shaking, but the person is not shaking. In general, when you first experience the feeling of rocking bike, do not use your hands to pull the handlebar forcefully. You had better lower the speed. When your right foot is stepping on, the bike will lean to the left, the same goes for the opposite direction. Its easier to practice on slow and long uphill. On the flat road, you can pull the handlebars when rocking bike, this will be more powerful, but it cannot last long.


3. The method to force


When standing to step on, you will feel that it is unilaterally stressed. When sitting to step on, it is not obvious because your bottom is sitting on the seat cushion. At this time, the bike will have a unilateral tendency to fall. In order to overcome this tendency, the first way is to use your hand to pull handlebars. The second way is tilting the bike to the opposite side, that is to say rocking electric bike.


4. Gear ratio of rocking bike.


When you ride e mountain bike to sprint, the teeth of the rocking bike are relatively large, and the long uphill requires small gear ratio. Of course, the specific gear ratio is decided by different riders. The important thing is to step on and will not step empty.


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