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Tips on Riding Arrangements to Prevent Knee Pain

Views: 94     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-30      Origin: Site

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One of the important reasons why it is easy for people to fall in love with riding battery powered mountain bikes is that it is not so intense compared to other sports, which means that your joints will not be greatly affected when cycling. However, if riding a electric mountain bike has become your habit, or if the frequency is high, it will also affect your joints. Here are some riding arrangements that cause pain.


64-2-battery powered mountain bike 

Unreasonable Exercise Volume


The first bad habit is to either not practice or try to set too high goals for yourself in terms of time, speed, or even difficulty when riding a rocky mountain e-bike. But the problem is that your body’s connective tissues are not doing well to withstand such a lot of pressure, at this time your joints will not be able to bear it.



Wrong Sitting Posture


Unreasonable cushion height and angle settings can cause pressure, pain and injury. Therefore, professional athletes suggest that before riding giant electric mountain bikes, quickly check whether the pedals on both sides of the vehicle are at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock respectively, and then get on the electric assist mountain bike. When stepping on the pedals, you should try to ensure that your legs are in a straightened state when you are in a ‘pedal’ posture, which is equivalent to a knee bending angle of only 20 to 25 degrees. From experience, if your kneecap is injured, you can adjust the seat cushion slightly higher or the handlebar back.



About Cadence


If you are stepping on the big plate (downhill), then the cadence should be relatively low when riding off road electric mountain bikes between 60rpm and 75rpm; if you are stepping on the small plate (uphill), then the cadence is relatively high-above 80rpm. In fact, using small caps to practice cadence is a good way to exercise endurance.



Core Part


What is the relationship between the core part and the knee? Some people will ask. It matters a lot. Your core parts include hips and thighs. These are the basic platforms on which you can stabilize the full suspension electric mountain bike when you step on it. When they feel tired, it will naturally affect the effect of your cadence. In a study of 15 cyclists, the researchers found that when riding the best foldable ebike, the state of the core part of the rider will seriously affect the performance of the knee joint during exercise. If the former is not in good condition, it is easy to cause knee pain. So that's why we often hear that athletes should regularly exercise for their core parts.



Adjust the Pedal Splint


When riding a folding cargo bike, the position of the foot is directly related to the knee, so it is very important that the position of the shoe splint is unreasonable. The best situation is that your forefoot is just stepping on the pedal axis, or even a little bit backward, if you are afraid that your knee will hurt. The angle of the splint should be in a straight line with the angle formed by the heel. If you don’t, your knee will be subjected to unnecessary pressure when riding the compact electric bike.


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