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What Are The Similarities And Differences in The Management Rules of Bikes And Electric Bikes?

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There are many types of bicycles, including single bicycles, tandem bicycles and multi-person bicycles. Bicycles can be used as an environmentally friendly means of transportation for transportation and travel. More and more people use bicycles as fitness equipment for cycling exercises and bicycle outings. Bicycle itself is also a competitive sport, including road cycling, mountain biking, track cycling, stunt cycling, etc.

Similarly, electric bicycles are also a means of transportation. In addition to 2-wheeled vehicles, 3 wheel electric bikes and 4 wheel electric bikes are also very common on the market.

In addition, electric bicycles mainly include folding electric mountain bike, full suspension e bike and urban commuting ebike according to their uses. In addition to the frame and wheel structure of ordinary bicycles, smart motion e bike has different components from ordinary bicycles, such as chargers, batteries, controllers, handlebars, brake levers, power sensors, motors, lamps, and meters.

4-3-Electric bikes


Similarities and differences in The Management Rules of Electric Bicycles And Ordinary Bicycles


The general regulations apply to the production, sales, driving, parking, charging and supervision and management of bicycles and electric bicycles in the administrative area of this city. Bicycles and electric bicycles are mainly owned by the traffic control department of the public security, which is responsible for the record of bicycles and electric bicycles and road traffic safety management.


Generally, stainless steel bicycle parking racks are set up around the building. The parking rack adopts a one-to-one arch design with an opening at the front of the elbow, which makes it convenient and simple for owners to park their vehicles, changing the phenomenon of bicycles, motorcycles, and urban arrow electric cargo bikes at will in the past.


There are special bicycle parking racks in public places for citizens to park when they travel. Public bicycles have been regarded as one of the important ways to develop low-carbon transportation at home and abroad. It is also the development direction of the future city, which can play a positive role in environmental protection, convenient travel, and alleviation of traffic pressure. The parking and standard management of bicycles can be managed with the help of bicycle parking racks. The use of bicycle parking racks effectively solves the problem of bicycle parking order, and it is a contribution to the beautification of the city and the creation of an environmentally friendly society. Similarly, electric bicycles have special indoor and outdoor parking racks. 


Many people choose bicycles, electric city bikes and urban rider electric bikes to commute to get off work. In order to standardize the management of vehicles, companies generally provide convenience for the charging of electric vehicles and ensure the safety of electric vehicles. The charging personnel are fully responsible for the connection between the two-phase plug of the charger and the car body, the car body itself and the charging process. Without permission, it is not allowed to change lines, sockets and switches without permission, and it is strictly forbidden to charge more than one battery.


The charger should be placed far away from the fire source. It is prohibited to place combustible materials such as clothing and towels on the battery car during charging.


Nowadays, many office workers also buy folding electric bikes, and these bikes take up very little space.


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