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What Factors Affect the Range of Electric Bicycles?

Views: 96     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-17      Origin: Site

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When we are buying an electric city bike, we will see the range of the electric bicycle in the manual, but due to various reasons, the range of the electric bicycle is always different from the standard in the manual, so how do we evaluate the range of our electric street bike? In this article, we will introduce the factors affecting the range of electric bicycles.


 50-3-electric two wheeler

Four Main Causes of Factors Affecting the Range of Electric Bicycles

Generally speaking, there are four main factors that affect the range of electric road bikes, which are the capacity of the battery, the degree of newness of the battery, the drift of the controller parameters, and the speed of the driving speed.


1. The Capacity of the Battery

The larger the capacity of the battery, the higher the range under the same voltage. This is the most critical factor in determining the range of urban electric bikes. Just as the fuel tank capacity of a fuel vehicle determines the cruising range of a fuel vehicle, the battery capacity of an electric bicycle directly determines the distance of the cruising range. The more energy you load, the farther you can run. If the capacity is the same, the battery energy density is very important. So, can the range be improved if the battery is bigger?


However, the larger the battery charge, it also means the heavier the vehicle, and the excessive weight of the vehicle will reduce the cruising range. Energy density is an important parameter used to measure battery performance. This is the battery charge per unit weight. The greater the energy density means that the battery can carry more electricity and is lighter.


Therefore, when purchasing a lightweight electric bike, energy density is currently the most important indicator of battery performance.


2. The Age of the Battery

As the capacity of the battery decreases with the increase of time, the actual range of a new battery may be close to 50 kilometers, and the continued mileage of the battery will decrease after a period of use.


3. Drift of Controller Parameters

The current limit value of electric vehicles is related to the level of undervoltage value. If the current limit value is too large, the power consumption will be large when starting or going uphill, and the battery power consumption will be large, and the range of electric commuter bike will be short. At the same time, the undervoltage value is set too high, the battery cannot be fully discharged, and of course the range is short. However, a factory-qualified controller will not have these problems. Generally speaking, only controllers that have been used for a long time will have such problems.


4. The Speed of Driving

When driving an electric bicycle at a reasonable speed, such as 18km/h, its actual ran will be extended. If the electric cross bike travels too fast, its range will decrease.



Additional Factors Leading to Reducing Range

In addition to the above four main factors, there are some factors that will also affect the range of carbon electric bikes. For example, the weight of the load, whether the road is flat, whether there is up and downhill, wind direction, wind speed, braking during driving, the number of starts, whether the tires are fully inflated, and the correct charging method will all affect the actual range.




When we buy a cool electric bike, we not only look at the absolute value of the vehicle's cruising range, but also look at its battery capacity and energy density. After a period of use, the cruising range of compact electric bikes will decrease. This is a normal situation, but as long as we use them reasonably, the range of electric bicycles can be longer.

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