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Which one is better for the bottom, silicone cushion or sponge cushion?

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The seat cushion of bicycle is one of the important parts of the bike. No matter your bike is city classic bike or common e bike, a good bicycle seat can make you ride happily and do not feel pain of buttock. Especially for sports mountain bike, the riders often ride it for a long time. If the riders are on competition, they even need to ride electronic mountain bike to do various actions during riding, which will cause pains due to the rub with the inner thighs. So it is very important to choose a good seat cushion. After all, it directly contacts the bottom during riding. Then how to choose a good seat cushion? In this article, we will tell you some knowledge about seat cushion for your reference.


Generally speaking, there are two kinds of seat cushions which are widely used in the daily life. One is silicone cushion, and another is sponge cushion. Then which one is better for the bottom? It is possible that many riders are still wondering how to choose. This is indeed a problem of the century. Some new riders often choose silicone cushions to reduce the pain caused by the hard seat to the bottoms during riding.

71-2-electric assist mountain bike


What advantages and disadvantages does silicone cushion have?


Let us get to know silica gel firstly. Silica gel is originally called as silicone rubber, and it has high adsorption performance, and good thermal stability and stable chemical properties, also it has high mechanical strength. So it does not easily deform as a sponge, and has more flexibility. 


At the same time, its shortcomings are also very fatal. Because of its structural problems, it cannot be breathable and perspiration. During long-term riding, sweat cannot be discharged from the buttock, which will result in a bad riding experience. At this time, the riding pants will act as a cushion between the bottom and the hard seat. After a few hours of riding with a silicone bike cushion, you will find that the sweat under the buttock is too hot and the temperature is high. So the silicone cushion has a nickname which is called as special use for fried eggs. This effect is most obvious when riding long distances. But silicone is a material with good elasticity. If you are a novice and only occasionally ride, the stroke is not very long, the silicone cushion of bike is still very suitable.


What advantages and disadvantages does sponge cushion have?


As we all know, sponge has strong water absorption and good cushioning. It is often used in sofas and cushions. The soft and delicate natural tissue structure can best match the sweat glands of human skin to discharge sweat. And it is easy to dry quickly. No matter in China or in the world, although sponge cushions are not the best in the professional field of cycling, sponge bike seat cushions are commonly used, and still occupy a very large market. Here reminder that sponge cushions of bike should not be twisted or pressed with force to avoid damaging the sponge fiber.


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