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How to Brake Safely during Riding?

Views: 145     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-10      Origin: Site

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It is important for the riders to brake safely during riding electric mountain bicycle. They need brake in time in order to keep safe when they meet some urgent accidents. People often hear some riders say that the brakes need to be braked on the rear wheel. Since e mountain bike will either slip or fall, the front wheel of bike is braked. So it is very dangerous. In fact, this concept is incorrect. Then how to brake safely during riding? Here we will tell you some experiences about braking.

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We know that the purpose of braking is to use the friction between the wheels and the ground to slow down or even stop the bike. The actual condition is that the rear brake of bike is used to decelerate, and the front brake is used to brake. The front brake of bike has a greater braking effect than the rear wheel. And the rear brake mainly controls the speed of travel. In principle, the wheel which has high friction with the ground is responsible for the main braking task. When braking, the center of gravity of the vehicle will move to the front wheel due to inertia. The harder the brake is, the more the center of gravity will shift to the front wheel. Therefore, the distributed weight of the rear wheel is reduced, and the friction with the ground will accordingly be reduced. At this time, the braking effect will be worse if only the rear wheel is braked. Because the bike cannot stop suddenly, the force of rear brake only continues to be applied. And then the rear wheel of bike will be locked up, which easily causes sideslip and danger. So how to brake is the safest?


We know that the disc brake and V brake is commonly used in the mountain bike and the folding bike, the braking force in the design is greater than the friction between the tire and the ground. In other words, when the brakes are fully braked, the tires will be locked up. Therefore, the mountain bike or the folding bike are braked suddenly, the front and rear brakes should be used at the same time. The force of the front brake should be 60 to 70 percentages, and the force of the rear brake should be30 to 40 percentages. At the same time, push the handlebar forward and push your body’s center of gravity to the rear wheel as much as possible, so as to obtain the maximum braking effect and avoid the side slip caused by the locked tire.


Here special reminder that the braking of a bicycle in a curve is very dangerous. Because the grip of the front wheel in a curve will become very complicated, accidental locking of the front or rear wheels will cause an immediate crash. Therefore, the rider should be very cautious when using the brakes in the corners. Remember to use even force for the front and rear brakes, and completely avoid strong brake in the curve to eliminate the danger.


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