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Necessity | Is It Necessary to Replace Ordinary Bicycles with Electric Bicycles?

Views: 86     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-14      Origin: Site

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Now that affordable electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, many people choose to buy electric bicycles directly, but some people choose to convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles by adding batteries and motors. Modified electric bicycles have advantages and disadvantages. Whether to buy electric bicycles or modify bicycles directly depends on personal choice.


In this article, we will introduce the method of converting an ordinary bicycle into an urban electric bike, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of modifying a bicycle.



How to Convert Ordinary Bicycles into Electric Bicycles

1. Requirements of Motor

A 10-16 inches bicycle can be directly installed with an integrated motor. The prerequisite is that the rear-drive motor's rear fork is not less than 125mm, and the front-drive motor's front fork is not less than 110mm. Motors for bicycles of 20-26 inches need to be knitted. We can order a knitted motor directly online.


2. Install the Motor

When buying a motor, we should tell the e bike store what type of brake our bicycle is. First remove the bicycle tire, remove the inner and outer tires and install them on the motor ring, inflate, and then check whether the inner and outer tires are embedded in the motor ring to avoid damage to the inner tube. Remove the disc brake and install it on the motor. The rear wheel motor needs to be installed with a flywheel. This requires professional tools for removing the flywheel, which are available in bicycle repair shops. We can borrow tools or ask professional staff to help install it.


3. Install the Switch

Install the throttle handle on the right hand and the switch on the left hand. We should note that the handlebar should not be lower than 1.6 meters.


4. Fix Line

First of all, we should think about where to put the controller and battery, which includes the length of the motor cable. Taking the battery box as an example, we can fix the handlebar cord along the brake cable with a cable tie or tape. And the motor wire can be fixed to the frame, and then pass the handlebar cord and the motor cord into the battery box.


5. Controller Connection

The three thicker wires of yellow, blue and green are phase wires, which are connected with the wires of the corresponding colors of the controller. The five thinner wires are Hall wires, which can be connected to the corresponding plugs of the controller.


The handlebar cables are usually three red, black and white wires, which are connected to the corresponding handlebar connector of the controller. If there is a lock, we need to connect the switch cord.


The controller is directly connected to the power supply, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles to avoid burning the battery.


6. Trial Run

After connecting the cable, we should not rush to assemble the car. First, try to see if the motor is running normally. Some controllers have a learning cable. If the learning cable is connected to the motor and it doesn’t work, then unplug the cable and reconnect it so that the motor will run normally. After that, unplug the learning cable, turn the handle, and the finishing work can be carried out after normal operation. Then we can assemble the car.


 89-3-electric beach bike

Advantages and Disadvantages of Converting a Bicycle

There are two main advantages of converting a bicycle, familiarity and cost saving. Converting existing bicycles allows us to continue to use the bicycles we are used to. And compared to buying a brand cheap electric bicycle or 2nd hand electric bikes, it is cheaper to buy parts to convert an existing bicycle.


The disadvantage of converted bicycles is that there are safety risks. Because all electric bikes must be faster than ordinary bicycles, and the tires are thicker than ordinary bicycles. Ordinary bicycles will run faster after refitting, and the tires will heat up, and ordinary tires simply can't bear it. The beam frame of carbon electric bike is also stronger than ordinary bicycles, which are necessary after the speed increases. But the modified electric bicycle does not have these structures, so there are safety problems. Moreover, the modified electric bicycle may not run and operate as smoothly as the compact electric bike.



Whether you decide to buy electric bicycle or modify an existing ordinary bicycle, these two methods will allow you to have a convenient cheap fast electric bike. Whether you choose to buy a new electric bicycle or modify an ordinary bicycle depends on your needs, budget, and the scene of using the electric bicycle.

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