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The Riding Safety of Children Is Guarded by The Cyber Electric Bicycle

Views: 94     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-30      Origin: Site

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Germany is an automobile kingdom known for producing Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other automobiles. But many people do not know that Germany is also a veritable bicycle kingdom. On average, every German family owns 2-3 bicycles. Under various government policies to encourage people to ride bicycles, the number of bicycle riders in Germany has increased rapidly. In this social atmosphere, the Germans training children to ride bicycles and cultivating safe traffic awareness have become the highlight of education, and the Germans firmly believe that this educational task must start with a baby. With the diversification of transportation, the convenient and compact smart motion e bike has entered people's field of vision.


In the fast-paced lifestyle, we have to travel to various places every day, a suitable means of transportation is essential. In addition to cars on the street, the other most common means of transportation is the electric city bike. Small electric bicycles travel freely on the road without having to entangle in traffic jams and move very quickly.


In addition to the most common urban electric bicycle, crosscity e bike and electric road bike are also very popular styles.


Compared with bicycles, it is easier for children to learn to ride a smart e bicycle. Folding electric bike and electric mountain bike are two models that children often buy.


The advantage of electric bicycles is that they have zero emissions during travel and do not pollute the atmosphere. It can travel 30-50 kilometers on a single charge, which can meet the needs of urban biking commuters and has a large market demand. The speed is not high, about 15 kilometers per hour, which will not pose a threat or safety problem to other human-powered bicycles and pedestrians. Most of the parts used are common to bicycles and easy to repair. Users use it during the day and charge in the middle of the night, which is beneficial to the power sector to balance the load.

61-2-urban commuting ebike


When parents accompany their children to ride electric bicycles, they must cultivate good riding habits from the beginning. Before starting to ride a bicycle, parents should train their children to do several things:


Check Equipment


Let the child check the electric assist mountain bike first. For example, sit on the car seat to test whether your feet can reach the ground easily and comfortably. If you can reach the ground, then the size of the car matches the size of the child. Let the child check important parts such as foot brakes, hand brakes, car bells, and car lights. Is the tire air enough? Is there a reflective mark on the electric bicycle? Secondly, it is very important to wear a helmet correctly.


Train Children to Observe the Surrounding Situation


The condition of the road surface includes whether there are large stones, deep pits, manhole covers, large gaps on the road surface, garbage cans and other obstacles. If there are obstacles, go around in time.


Secondly, pedestrians and vehicles should also be observed. If there is a parked car nearby, pay attention to whether anyone in the car is preparing to start or stop the car. If the child is relatively young, a high flag on the car will make it more obvious that the driver will notice that there are children riding kids electric mountain bike nearby.


Before you start riding, you should carefully look at your surroundings and make sure that there are no passing vehicles around.


Electric bicycles are an outdoor vehicle. Complicated driving conditions may cause malfunction or accidental damage. The ability to provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service is a test of the strength of electric vehicle manufacturers. If consumers want to eliminate their worries, they should avoid electric vehicles with "three no" products. Cybic electric bicycles provide a safe and comfortable experience for you and your children.

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