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What Tools Are In the Bicycle Repair Kit?

Views: 124     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-09      Origin: Site

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Any electric pedal bike is at risk of failure. If you find that your electric bicycle breaks down and can't be used any more, you need to find ways to fix it. You can call a professional repairman, but that can take a lot of your time. Therefore, it is necessary to place a repair kit on the electric powered bike, so that it can be repaired in time when the electric bicycle fails.


89-3-electric beach bike


What's In the Electric Bicycle Repair Kit?


Mini Pump

The tool is actually mounted on the frame of the electric push bike because it's a bit bulky. When there is not enough air pressure in the tire, it can come in handy. Some people carry carbon dioxide pumps. Although this product is faster and easier to use, it consumes disposable cartridges. 


Patch Kit

The patch kit is lightweight and compact, so it's easy to use. If your electric quad bike for adults tires suddenly break during use, you can use the patch kit to repair the tires. After repairing, you can continue to use the electric racing bike for a while, but it is better to replace the tire with a new one.


Spare Tube

Sometimes, the inner tube of the electric recumbent bike may be too damaged to be patched, or has had a failure such as the valve stem breaking off, which cannot be repaired. In order to save weight and space, it is recommended to place a portable inner tube of appropriate size in the toolbox, so as to replace the damaged inner tube at any time. 


Tire Levers

When you need to remove a damaged tire, you need to use a tire lever. This kind of tool is cheap, light and easy to carry. This tool uses the lever principle and allows you to lift your electric road bike with very little effort.



When you need to remove some parts of an electric sports bike, you need to use a wrench to remove the nuts from the parts. It is best to choose an adjustable wrench, which can be adjusted according to the size of the nut. Most adjustable wrenches are cheap, and they are durable, so you can buy a wrench and put it in your repair kit. 


Zip Ties

If the wires on the electric street bike are loose, you should fix them in time to prevent the wires from getting entangled in the tires or other places, which will affect your riding experience. Therefore, you need to prepare some zip ties to tie and fix the loose wires. 


A Pair of Disposable Latex Gloves

Although latex gloves are not necessary tools, they can keep your hands clean when you repair electric tandem bikes. Or, if it rains suddenly while you're riding, latex gloves can keep your hands warm. 


Pencil and Paper

If you need to write down something, such as a license plate number, you can put that information on paper. You can put paper and pencils in a sealed plastic bag to keep them dry. 


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